Petmegoo Bungee Leash

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Product Description

Key Concerns:

  • [Outdoor Exploration] Explore the outdoors like never before with the anti shock comfortable leash. This will stretch during exercise providing comfort.
  • [Safety Priorities] The reflective stitching on both sides increase night visibilities to others. Staying safe with going for a night run and alerting others nearby.
  • [Twin Handles] Dual dual layer handles increase durability and strength of the lead. Allows for advance control of stretch is not desired.
  • [Full Metal Clip] Durable metallic clips hook enhance the strength of the lead in addition to its longevity.
  • [Longevity] Designed with you and your pets in mind, this lead will last under ordinary use. Stretches under tension, retractable leash.


Bungee Leash FAQ

  • Is there a handle on both sides of the leash?

    The Petmegoo bungee leash includes handles on both sides of the leash for maximum comfort. With its twin handle design you now have the ability to train your dogs like never before. The handle closest to the clip is perfect for control and teaching the dog to walk at your pace, while the handle further away is for your pets freedom to roam.

  • What is the diameter of the Bungee Leash?

    The diameter of the bungee leash is 1/3 in for the bungee cord section. It is also shock absorbing and will stretch when pulled, this gives your dogs more freedom on jogs.

  • Does it come with a harness?

    The Bungee Leash is a stand alone product and does not come with the harness. It does include a metal clip at the end so that you can use any dog harness/collar of your choosing.

  • What are the two metal D rings for?

    The two metal D rings on the Bungee leash at both ends are perfect if you would like to extend the Bungee leash by clipping on another leash. This will extend the total length of the dog leash, don’t be afraid to mix and match leashes to find out what works the best for you.

  • Are the Handles padded?

    The handles on the bungee leash are padded with soft dual neoprene which is known for stain resistance and general durability.

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