Petmegoo 5ft 1/3 Light weight soft padded dog leash for Small Dogs

5ft light weight for the small and medium dogs with comfortable soft padded handle and reflective strands for safe night walking.



Baby Blue, Black, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red

Product Description

Key Concerns:

+ Withstand against hard pulls
+ Greater protection against hard pulls.
+ Safe and convenient night walking
+ Lightweight perfect length
+ Durable against everyday wear and tear



  • How does this leash hold up to a dog chewing on it?

    This leash is durable with normal everyday use that does not include dogs chewing on it. To prolong the longevity of the leash please do not allow your dogs to chew on the leash. If your dog loves to chew on the leash thinking it is a rope toy, please train the dog to NOT CHEW on the leash. Suggestions:


    • Using a alternative chew toy for distractions
    • praise you dogs for good behaviour (don’t encourage bad behaviour)
    • Use a word (verbal marker) like “no” when you give the leash to associate it with no chewing.
  • What’s the material type of the product?

    The dog leash is made from durable nylon rope with tough strands of rope as the inner core. The rubber on both ends of the leash is made from soft plastic that is bendable. The hook is made from steel to increase strength. It also has a padded foam handle at the end for your comfort.

  • For which dog breed this leash is recommended?

    The 1/3in dog leash is recommended for xsmall to small dogs, not larger dogs. We understand that smaller dogs may feel that the 1/2in is too heavy for them. We designed the 1/3in dog leash to specifically assist smaller dogs due to its lightness.

  • Will your leashes give my hands rope burn?

    Heavy duty dogs often pulls you, but don’t worry the soft padded foam handle will prevent hands burn and will give you extra comfort.

  • color

    Baby Blue, Black, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red

    20 reviews for Petmegoo 5ft 1/3 Light weight soft padded dog leash for Small Dogs

    1. Amazon Customer

      I like the look and feel of this leash. My dog is very strong and this is my only leash that hasn’t fallen apart.Very happy


      In the picture, you can see that the leash is very reflective. This thing is super durable. I don’t ever worry about a snapped leash and wont tear or fray. Also, my puppy has tried chewing on it a few times and there was no damage whatsoever. In addition the padded hand makes for a more comfortable holding position and easier to control your dog. Leash is great and will be buying if I need another.

    3. Lynn Mcintire

      I love the handle. I have very bad hands and this leash works so well for comfort. My Puggle is a rescue and was never taught to walk next to it’s owner so we are in the process of learning proper walk etiqiette.

    4. Tweek Tweak

      This is a very Strong Dog Leash.I got this for our new 5-year-old Tree Walker coonhound. She’s huge, and this A leash keeps her tethered to me when I take her out, and she sees a small Dog. Buy for your Big Dog.

    5. kdoll315

      I am happy that I purchased this leash. I was unsure if it was going to be durable enough, but it’s really good! I’m impressed. I originally bought this leash based on the padded handle and the color availability. I just bought my pup a new harness and it’s red so I got the red and black leash – looks awesome! Plus it saves my hands when my dog pulls while walking.

    6. robbin parkening

      I love the length of this leash and is very durable. It seems like it will hold up and definitely worth the money.

    7. Plant lover

      The quality seems really nice. I like that it has a little stretch to it. This feature makes it less stressful on my arthritic hands as well as the cushioned handle. Very pleased with this purchase!

    8. Christianna Spohr

      Against your average dog I’m sure this leash would be perfect. It’s very comfortable, very well built. Unfortunately it was no match for a pittie that is 80% mouth hahaha. And honestly when I saw what was inside of it, I couldn’t believe he got through it so easily..

    9. Raven

      I think this is worth every penny that I paid for it you could not find a better leash in the world. The hand grip is so comfortable it definitely is going to be something he won’t chew through like all those flat leashes that everybody in America is carrying. And the hook that gets attached to his collar is large and it makes it easier to grab them the smaller ones I don’t think this leash could possibly be made any better than it is it’s brand new but I absolutely love the way it feels and looks he is an Australian Shepherd He is my neighbors and I walk him a couple times a day absolutely a beautiful dog with blue eyes named Leo.

    10. Julia

      Very sturdy leash. It feels good in your hand due to the padded grip design.

    11. Will-Review4U

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

       I wanted to give this leash some time before posting a review so that I could get a decent picture of how well it functions. This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest leashes I’ve ever used! I’m loose leash training a six-month-old lab mix who has never been taught to walk on a leash or even wear a collar/harness. This leash has been really efficient in gently but firmly redirecting her to walk alongside me when paired with her beginning harness, and it has just the correct amount of tension. It also provides her enough slack to allow her to explore without the leash being pulled taut all of the time. It’s pleasant to hold, and after a few minutes of effectively strolling her alongside me, I forget it’s there. I will without a doubt tell others about this leash.The leash has a thick ribbed foam tape handle to prevent rope burn whether you’re holding it with your fingers in a fist grip or around your wrist. There is also rubber around where the cord comes together both at the handle and that the hook this black cover also has the petmegoo paw logo in printed.

    12. Shannon s.

      I have been lucky to obtain multiple pet products, so I can give honest reviews against a variety of other brands. This leash is the perfect weight. I tested it on small, medium, and large dogs. It is sturdy, and durable without being too heavy or light. There is little to no tangle when using two of these leads. The handle has a smooth comfortable texture. There is a small clip near the handle, like all leads, where you can attach various items. The color is vibrant and true to the picture. The material retains color without wear or tear. 5 stars.Star rating Amazon has asked me to select in addition to my overall 5 star rating: 1. CHEWPROOF: 1-5 stars. My dogs are not chewers, so I will not fill this rating. 2. STRETCH: 1-5 stars. It has a decent bounce rebound, not really stretchy. This rating is left blank – the “stretch” is appropriate for this leash.My overall rating remains 5 stars

    13. Shelley

      I love this leash. My yellow lab likes to bite on the leash and has torn a few leashes. So far he has been unable to bite through this leash. I also love the cushion handle, it soft and comfortable.

    14. Michael Waters

      After searching Amazon for dog leashes, I decided to give the Petmegoo dog leash a try and I am very pleased with my purchase, here’s why.I went with the black leash, it looks sharp plus it won’t show the dirt as bad with frequent use. The length of the leash seems to be just about right as I was tired of wrapping my dogs old leash around my hand to take up the slack. My dog now has some leeway to maneuver but otherwise stays close with this length of leash.Comfortable padded grip for the human and lightweight yet strong leash for the pup. The grip material seems to be heavy duty and should give a good lifetime of service. The reflective strands in the leash are a nice touch as well and I could see where this might help with other people or drivers noticing you at night or possibly aid in finding your dog if it were to slip away.Fit and finish is very nice overall. The clasp is finished well and has a secure spring closure that leaves you feeling confident that it won’t open by itself. The loops for the handle and clasp are finished with a rubber covers at the splices.The Petmegoo Dog Leash is a well made, stylish dog leash at an affordable price. I would not hesitate to purchase one again.Thanks for reading!

    15. Amazon Customer

      My dog likes to chew through a leash in two seconds. This was the reason I chose this leash. I didn’t want a chain. My dog is medium size and does not have the big jaws a bully would have. He is small to medium .

    16. Van Vas

      Very easy to hold and grip, very comfortable. It is perfect for my dogs daily walks. I love the color, it is very durable and sturdy. I absolutely love this leash, I just purchased another one for my larger dog. I highly recommend this leash.

    17. H. A. Cohen

      My first though was, “Petmegoo? What a funny name.” But I must admit, this leash does look very smart, durable and, holy cow, that hand grip is super-comfortable! As a training aid, forget it. This is really best for a dog that already knows how to walk on the leash. But if your dog still likes to pull, and your standard nylon or leather leash hurts your hand when your dog is tugging you, this will definitely be a nice difference. Instead of flat and thin, this leash is thick and round, so it doesn’t easily cut into your palm when walking.At first, my dog thought the rubber grip was a chew toy, so I had to work with him to stop jumping up to try to grab it. But once the novelty wore off and our first was with it was underway, he ignored it. At times when he decided to pull in another direction, it felt much more comfortable when steering him back on track. It’s not for every occasion, but it’s still a solid good leash for walking the dog.Update: My instincts were right. My dog chewed the rubber handle as soon as I inadvertently left him alone with it. There were little bits of rubber all over the floor. So, you might want to wait until your dog has outgrown its urge to chew everything you own. Otherwise, it’s still the most comfortable leash I’ve ever owned.

    18. Petalsss

      This product is made to be extremely durable and shipped quick. I like the strength of the rope and will enjoy taking my pup for walks with this. I like how reflective weave is all throughout the rope making it entirely safe and able to protect me pup.

    19. Elle

      Handle is great until dog chews it off. Rope has a lot of give/stretch making it hard to correct the dog. If you have one of those well trained dogs that can walk on a leash this might be good for you. But not what I need.

    20. Brandy Clark

      It’s only chew proof if you can keep your dog from chewing it. We have a Lab puppy and this is our 20th? 21st? Leash.

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