Petmegoo No Pull X Large – Soft Padded Comfort Harness

Petmegoo Comfort Harness is safe, secure and comfortable for training your dogs to not pull, and give you more control making walks more enjoyable.



Baby Blue, Black, Orange, Pink

Product Description

Key Concerns:

+ Safe and comfortable Walk
+ Soft and Comfortable Feel
+ Safe and convenient night walking
+ Easy to Use
+ Easy to Wash



  • How do I measure for accurate sizing?

    Explained on the size chart, you measure around their chest, just behind the front legs as well as the neck area.

  • Does it rub on skin and make hair come off?

    The only hair that will come off is the hair that your dog sheds.
    It’s very comfortable, my dog loves it. Nice plush material against the dog’s skin.

  • Will this work for a cat?

    The No Pull dog harness was not designed specifically for cats. We designed the harness for dogs who pull and feel that traditional collars are choking them then they pull. If you choose do use this harness on a cat for whatever reason, please do so at your own risk and the risk of your pets. We prioritize safety and therefore don’t recommend its use on cats.

  • Does this come with a leash?

    This specific product page only includes the dog harness, if you desire to buy a leash you would need to separately add a leash of your choosing to the cart.

  • Do you have matching collars and leashes?

    Yes! After looking at our inventory and comparing the colors we can say that orange and black 1/2 and 1/3in dog leashes match the color of our dog harnesses.

  • color

    Baby Blue, Black, Orange, Pink

    20 reviews for Petmegoo No Pull X Large – Soft Padded Comfort Harness

    1. Aracely

      Great dog harness especially for physical activity my dog loves to chew everything so this harness is great because it is tough while still be comfortable so she can run around in it and not be bothered by it I really love it

    2. Milo

      This harness looks so great on my dog! It’s super durable and easily adjustable. It helps prevent him from pulling and the orange color looks great on his fur!

    3. Gia

      The size chart fits perfectly! I love that the straps are adjustable so that if you are off by a little, it will still fit. The harness makes my dog look so cute! The material does not feel cheaply made and does not slide side to side. The harness feels comfortable to me. I’m assuming this fits my dog comfortably as well. The pink color looks exactly as shown.

    4. Marjorie

      My 2 dogs tend to pull on the leash when walking them. This harness has kept them from pulling when walking them.

    5. VICTORIA B.

      Works well.

    6. Crystal

      This harness is absolutely perfect for my dog. This is a size large. He’s is M-L size pit bull, and this harness carries up good sturdiness giving his strength when going for a walk. He’s seems to be very comfortable with the way it’s stretches with every movement. May I mention how the reflectors are a complete bonus 🤩. He’s looking snazzy and cute. Strongly recommend!!! 👍🏼

    7. Annie Liang

      When I say “much easier now,” I mean A LOT easier because of this front clip. Every time my German Shepherd pulls he gets turned around and he won’t try pulling anymore. Such a lifesaver and this thing is durable enough and won’t break. Works great and made my life soo muchh easier when taking a walk with my dog.

    8. Edward

      What’s there to despise, I had dogs who wanted to walk me no matter how much improvement we made one would have the other nervous and I’d have a rough time walking my children. Now it’s a breeze, this is a life-saver!! I ‘d have done this age ago if I knew your work was so good, so it’s real to anyone who struggles and it’s worth the money!!

    9. Stan L

      The other harnesses Gentle lead didn’t do it for my dog and instead he tore off the little bit of plastic. I was looking for something more enduring as he’s giant and overly excited when we get out of the door first. That was great!!! My dog carries it around the house and it doesn’t matter if it’s on. In case I need to grab him, there is a very sturdy handle on the back. I can quit his usual pulling and it wokrs great

    10. Margaret M Griffin

      Well made, strong, lots of room to adjust for growth of border collie. Extremely satisfied.

    11. Joni

      It’s very sturdy, and it’s well made, it’s thick, and reflective.The reason I got it was because of the front hook (the “no-pull”), but that feat seems not to be a good one for my dog. She gets pulled onto one side so the whole harness tends to twist in that direction, when I pull to stop her. This seems to get in the way of her front leg and walking, and makes her walk funny, so she stops instead. If I hook it onto the back hook though, all is fine. I just think for us (her) the front harness part is probably not gonna work, on any other harness either.Now, the adjusting: it took several trials, to evenly space both sides, at neck and chest. Though once it’s set it’s good to go. I got the medium size for her, she is about 15”-24”-22” (neck-chest-back ratio). She is a skinny Border Collie/Brittany mix, so maybe for a more muscular dog this is a perfect fit with less adjusting. It still needs adjusting after a few weeks of use. I think once the dog pulls consistently, you have to re-assess the fit.I returned a different one I had gotten cause that brand was too heavy and bulky for her. This one is good. Even when she “plants” herself it won’t budge out, as it’s snug under her arms. If really you have a dog that does that, I suppose an escape artist could get that off while pulling away.The back handle will come in handy to hold her back when I need to.We keep it on all day because we take her out often, and it’s off at night, no rash or acting from constant wear, she moves comfortably with it on.

    12. Zygzag1

      I have multiple dog harnesses and this one is the one I was surprised bec of the price. I have bought more expensive ones but those breaks after seeral uses. I have 2 medium dogs that are full of enery and pulls when I walk them but the harness gives me control on the dogs. The dogs like it too bec its snug but doesnt hurt them. Great product for the price.

    13. Gabriele Woods

      The Harness is absolutely great and of top quality.My dog is very happy with it and so am I.Thank you so much ! 5-STARS !

    14. Southern Girl

      I have a 78 lb yellow lab who likes to walk a lot faster than me. She pulls really hard sometimes when she gets excited. So I bought her a harness from the pet store that was just straps with a velvet lining that was supposed to be comfortable and help with the pulling. It rubbed a raw place on her chest. So I bought this one that has a wider slightly padded chest pad that works so much better and it hasn’t rubbed her chest. It has hooks on both top and under the neck for attaching the leash depending on how badly your dog pulls. I highly recommend this harness.

    15. Claribel

      This harness was perfect! I have a pit bull and ordered a medium, but when I received it I thought it would not fit him. Thankfully you can adjust the straps and it fit just right.

    16. Beth Borham

      Easy to get on a wiggly dog!

    17. Hometown Girl

      I gave this five stars because it is a nice harness. The straps; however, hang too long when tightened.The fit is good, but big for the measurements. I ordered a medium based on details. I will keep.

    18. MerrY RevieWer

      Our dog gets so excited when we take him for walks and he loves to pull as we walk him, so we wanted a harness that has two (2) leash attachment points: a back ring for regular walking and one with an anti-pull front ring to help train him and correct his pulling. The front ring helps minimize pulling by forcing our dog to stay by our side in order to keep moving forward. Having a front and back ring means we can increase and decrease control as needed. What’s nice is that the back also has a soft handle that we can use to gently hold and control him.Our dog is a cocker spaniel mix and weighs about 30 pounds. We measured his neck girth and chest girth and followed the sizing chart for his size. Based on this, we got him a size Medium. The neck part is a little loose because his neck measured smaller, but the chest part fits great. The Small size would have been too small because of his chest girth, so I recommend sizing up. What’s nice is that there are straps and buckles to adjust this, so the fit can be customizable. This is simple and straightforward to put on with easy and durable quick-release buckles. We opted for the orange color and it’s a vibrant and bright color which really sticks out and that’s what we wanted. This harness also has reflective stitching, so we have peace of mind when walking our dog at night and we like this simple, yet important safety feature.This harness is made of soft breathable mesh fabric with nice padding, so it’s very comfortable for our dog to wear and helps keep him cool especially on long walks or hikes. Overall, we are pleased with this harness and all of its features and the comfort it offers our dog. Our main priority is that our dog is comfortable and safe!

    19. Joan Kaman

      great, sturdy harness for my dog. She is so comfortable in it.

    20. Avid.Reader

      I like this very much. It’s not difficult to put on my dog. It’s very durable.

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