How to Put on a Dog Harness Easy Walk?

Most dog owners and pet lovers prefer to use a dog harness compared to the collar on their dog. The reason behind choosing the dog harness is that it proves to be comfortable for your dog, and it will reduce the chances of slip of the leash. Therefore, you need to know that how to put on a dog harness for easy walk. Here you get the guide about the three types of harness and how to harness dog.

How to Put on a Dog Harness Easy Walk?

There are three types of dog harnesses, and you can put them on your dog in different ways and these various types of harnesses are mentioned below.

  1. Standard Dog Harness
  2. Step-In Dog Harness
  3. Front Clip Dog Harness

These are the three types of dog harness, so here you get the step-by-step guide about how to put it on your dog by following different methods.

Standard Dog Harness

As you know that different harnesses are put on your dog in various methods. Therefore, here you get the detailed guide about how to put the standard harness on your dog. Before placing a harness on the dog, you need to keep in mind that a standard dog harness comes with one loop around the ribs, one loop around the neck, and a D-ring on the dog’s back. Let’s take a closer look and step-by-step guide about putting standard dog harness.

First 1

If you want to put a dog harness quickly, it is best to do it when your dog is calm. First of all, you need to sit, stand, or squad behind your dog and put it on your dog’s sitting or standing position.

Step 2

Secondly, you need to slip the dog harness over your dog head, and you need to make sure that the dog harness is in a better position. When your dog harness is in a better position, so you get D-ring on your dog’s back. Here the wider loop of this dog harness goes on first, and the narrower loop goes on second.

Step 3

Now you need to slip the first leg hole of the harness in your dog’s leg. After doing it, your dog’s neck should be in between the loop where the ribs and the loop that goes around the neck.

Step 4

Also, you need to buckle the dog harness, so the benefits of it is that you get your other dog’s neck in a proper leg hole. On the other hand, if the buckle of the dog harness is not reachable to allow you to close it, you need to loosen the strap.

Step 5

In the last step, once your dog harness is buckled, you need to fit it properly according to your dog’s needs. To check the tightness of the dog harness, you can use or slip the two fingers underneath any strap. In the end, pull the harness over the dog to make sure that the dog harness is secure.

Step-In Dog Harness

Now, if you are using a step-in dog harness now, it is very important for you to know how to put this dog harness for easy walking. Also, it is significant for you to know the difference between a standard dog harness and a step-in dog harness. So, inside the standard dog harness, you get the former forms rectangles around your dog’s legs and conversely, inside the step-in dog harness, you get the latter forms triangles.

  1. First of all, you need to lay down the dog harness on the ground, and after this, you can see the two triangles. You need to make sure that the buckles of the dog harness should be on the top of the D-rings.
  2. Now you need to hold your dog from behind, and you need to place his front feet in the two triangles.
  3. Pick up the two ends of the dog harness and clip them together on the back of the dog’s neck.
  4. Finally, adjust the dog harness perfectly and according to your dog needs that prove to be perfect for an easy walk. In the end, pull the dog harness over the dog’s neck and make sure that it is secure.

Front Clip Dog Harness

The front clip dog harness is specially designed to discourage pulling, and inside, you get the leash clip that staple over the dog chest. These types of dog harnesses are available for you, as the shape of standard dog harness as well as in-depth dog harness. Here you get a detailed guide about putting on a front clip dog harness for an easy walk.

  1. When your dog is calmly sitting or standing so, you need to kneel to the right side of your dog.
  2. Now you need to pull the loop of the dog harness over your dog’s head. When you are doing it, the label of the dog harness should be on the front of the dog’s left shoulder. Also, the metal ring of the front clip dog harness should be at the centre of the dog’s chest.
  3. Once you do it well now, the next step is to reach underneath your dog’s belly and clip the belly strap.
  4. Another important step is that you need to adjust the dog harness according to the dog’s needs. Also, the thing that you need to make sure of is that you can’t pull it over the dog’s head.

As you know that there are three types of dog harness, and some of the harnesses are tricky to figure out. Therefore, if you buy this front clip dog harness, so you are able to clip it with your dog easily without any hesitation. Once you put this dog harness so your dog can easily walk and run.  


Hope that you are well aware of how to put on a dog harness for easy walk and the three types of dog harnesses mentioned above. By keeping in mind all of your needs, we recommend you to use the front clip dog harness. It is easy for you to clip it on your dog’s neck and perfect and secure your dog.

In the end, we hope that this guide proves to be helpful and informative for you, and you can quickly come to a conclusion about how to put the dog harness.

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